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Found someone thank you. Great site, we will be back next year!
merrilie, United Kingdom

Elisabeth, Female Indonesian Au Pair From Indonesia

Elisabeth Au Pair Profile


With Marko 7th

With Richard 5months

Hes tired

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Date Registered: 25 Oct 2017 Last Modified: 25 Oct 2017 Last Signed In: 12 Jan 2018
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Brief Summary Of The Au Pair

I'am a 22 year old Female Indonesian Au Pair from Medan in Indonesia, I would like to work as an Au Pair in Any Country, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland for 12 - 24 months, and I would be willing to look after children between the ages of 0 and 14 years old.

Contact Information For This Au Pair

Name: Elisabeth
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Medan
Region: North Sumatra
Country: Indonesia

Au Pair Information And Family Preferences

Nationality: Indonesian
Age: 22
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: No
Had Au Pair Experience Before:: 4 Years Experience
Have Got A Driving License: No
Years Of Education: 20 Or More Years
My Height Is: 160 cm
My Weight Is: 100 Lbs
My Health Is: Excellent
I am Married: No
I am An Au Pair Couple: No
I Have A Passport From: Indonesia
Speak Fluently: English
Can Speak A Little: English, French, German
Seeking A Family In: Any Country, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland
Au Pair Is Open To Other Locations But Prefers: Netherlands - Noord Holland - Amsterdam
Family Nationality: Any Nationality, American, Belgian, British, Czech, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Luxembourgian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swiss
Would Like To Work In: Big City, Small Town, Countryside
Earliest Date To Start: 1 January 2018
Latest Date To Start: 28 February 2018
Can Work For A Period Of: 12 - 24 Months
Children Ages: 0 - 14 Years Old
Would Accept Single Parent: Yes
Mind If Family Is Smoking: No
Can Look After Disabled Children: Yes
Will Do Housework: Yes
Can Look After Children With Special Needs: Yes
Can Look After Elderley People: No

The Reasons I Want To Be An Au Pair:

I am particularly interested in experiencing family life in Europe country , since it offers a cultural context that is undoubtedly different from mine. For this reason, I would very much like to find a nice family to live with and work for in All europe country. Who wants give chance to live with. I love learning new things. Especially about foreign culture. Why do you want to join the au pair program? away from home with family and friends? Why not go to college or work just to pursue a career so as not to old age? Well, its a life choice. If I personally also have some reasons why finally decided to become au pair. 1. Independent When I graduate from college I have a burden if I am required to work for a road that is not my passion. But I realize it is impossible to keep dependent on the parents. If in Europe children as young as 18 years old alone can be independent and start living alone why I do not? I also do not want to lose. 2. The easiest way to practice a new language Want to fluently English or any other Country Language? I need a partner to talk to every day and this is not something I can find in Indonesia. Even if there is one, it will not last long, at least for an hour. 3. Exercising patience with children Terms so au pair is like children.I am personally a caring lover of children. whichever child I consider my own sister. I have experience with young children and babies too 4years. 4. have to clean the house? Why not? I personally do not like to see the house is a mess. without being told to clean this and that, automatically it is definitely done. washing the dishes or clothes has become my duty at home. what else stay in peoples house? 5. Looking for a life purpose. Someone once said the purpose of life is yes to be happy. Well, thats cliche for me, but theres a point. Everyone would want to be happy including me. But the problem is what is the benchmark of happiness? I think everyone has their own size. If my friend can say yes with a way to be grateful for what is already there. Be grateful for the point. But for me there are 2 ways of gratitude that is, the first to take for granted what is already there and the second want to improvise and be better. If I choose the second one, by way of getting out of my comfort zone, I want to see the world, look for experiences, try unique things, because I do not like the monotonous lifestyle so-so. There are still many inspirations and interesting activities that I want to find and do while young.

My Interests:

My name is Elisabeth. My height : 160 cm and my weight : 45kg. I have brown skin and black eyes. I am friendly,open-minded ,easygoing, polite, discipline, mature, and others people who knows me said I am funny . I come from Indonesia,currently in Medan. Indonesia have so many beautiful seas too. Bali , Sulawesi Tenggara , Wakatobi island, Yogyakarta, and so many again. So many temples ,various languages like java,batak,papua,and others, but our unifying language is Indonesia. I mixed from Java and Batak people. I am 20 years old. Be humble and be honest is my motto. I am diligent too. I m a Christian. Every morning I get up at 4 a.m because i have devotion with my God first, make a breakfast and do my homework. And in the evening ...everydays... I am always make a time to play with my little neighbor Kevin8months Hes so cute. Also take care my pet is Lusy1years. I have 3 brothers : Samuel Pasaribu 24th, Christmas Pasaribu19th , and Andreas 16th. And my mom is Sani ,my dad Edison Pasaribu. My hobby is playing with the kids ,traveling , playing in under sun ah I doing since I was kid no cares my skin changes ,drawing, reading ,basketball,football, and cooking.

Family Letter:

Dear my future Family Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I love to learn a something new. About daily,languages,cultures,and others.For this reason,I would very much like to find a nice family to live with and work for in your country. As far as preferences are concerned, I am looking for a live-in arrangement with a host family, that would be happy to have me stay with and work for them for at least 1 years. I would also prefer looking after children aged between 0 months to 14 years. Lastly, although I am quite flexible, I would prefer to have working hours that would allow me to attend day time language classes and can afford all the trips for me to go to your home. I can comfortably say that I sincerely enjoy spending time with children and do homework. I would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you: to answer whatever questions you may have about me or my childcare experiences to learn more about your family your interests and to know more about what you expect from the au pair arrangement. Thank you very much for your interest in my application! I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely, Elisabeth

American Au Pair

Very nice site! I have find a family from here and I will be working this summer as Au Pair. Thank you!
Ivanna, Ukraine